Photo Voltaic (PV) Systems

Our Recommendation

A solar PV system converts sun energy into usable 220V AC electricity as supplied by your existing electricity connection.

Once you have implemented the efficiency measures such as Solar Water heating and LED lights, it is time to consider PV.

PV electricity is still significantly more expensive than your ESKOM/City Council/Municipal rates – so from a financial perspective, PV electricity is a long term investment decision.

However, given the state of our national electricity supplier, installing a PV system is a serious consideration to ensure security of electricity supply to your household. True to our nature, MrSola strives to a value-driven, affordable solution for our Clients and we have come to the decision to only offer grid-tied hybrid PV systems to our Clients.

What does a Hybrid System mean?


The PV system will utilise solar energy as a first choice whenever available.

The PV system will have battery back-up to provide essential household utensils with electricity in case of an electricity grid outage.

The PV system will switch to electricity grid supply when necessary.

The PV system has the ability to supply surplus electricity back to the grid. MrSola however, does not recommend this due to high costs involving the installation of a bi-directional meter, monthly levies and the relative low feed-in tariffs offered.
MrSola does not offer grid-tie systems without battery back-up or complete off-grid systems, which involve the installation of generators.

MrSola’s process of installing a Solar PV system


Initial meeting with a MrSola Energy Advisor to brief the Client on options available. Where the Client does not have a Solar Water Heater, we will always make a strong recommendation to have one installed first.

Should you wish to proceed to install a Solar PV system, you will then complete, with the MrSola Energy Advisor, an application form which will include the necessary City of Cape Town application documentation. It is important to note that ALL PV systems have to be approved by the local authority before installation.

After review of the Client’s application, MrSola will send a Technical Representative to assess and finalise the design of the PV system with the Client. At this point, we will request the Client to give us a Letter of Authority to lodge the local authority application. The design will be signed off by a professional Engineer as required by the local authority bylaws.

Approval for the installation will take a minimum of 2 weeks.

Once approved by the local authority, MrSola will commence with the installation. If it is a cash sale, the Client will be expected to pay a 50% deposit. If the installation is done on our Rent-to-Own contract (7 years for PV installations), there will be NO up-front payment required.

On completion of the installation (normally 3 working days), it will be signed off for compliance by a competent Electrician (COC) as well as a Professional Engineer and submitted for approval by the local authority. This takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

Once final approval is given, your PV System will be “switched on”.