EGO Integrated Solar Water Heater System

EGO Integrated Solar Thermal System

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING EGO is a compact and integrated solar water heater. The era of those awful cylinders on your roof is over! The exclusive design of the frame makes the solar water heater very similar to an attic window. As the saying goes: “Less is more!”

INNOVATIVE MATERIALS Marine Grade Stainless Steel tubes provides excellent corrosion resistance. Lexan screen:

  • 250x stronger than glass – hail will not break it
  • Exceptional solar radiation conduction capacity.
  • 10-year warranty on clarity
  • No condensation
  • 80% weight reduction on glass
  • Excellent insulation properties


EGO is 20% more efficient than a conventional Solar Water Heater. You will even have the water heated on cloudy days.


EGO can be fitted with a 300W anti-freeze element for frost-prone areas.


  • Ready to use solar system, all in one box!
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Less work required on an existing dwelling.
  • No timers or pumps required


EGO can be used as a pre-feed system to your existing geyser, or Heater elements can be installed to provide hot water at all times. Available in sizes 110L, 150L, 180L, 220L and 260L